Thursday, October 20, 2011

More play!

Yes, I have been playing with my new toy again! I had to make some cards with a New Zealand theme and I had downloaded a piece of clip art that I made into an svg file using Inkscape. This kowhaiwhai pattern is a good one to cut as it is not too intricate for a first trial. For these cards, I cut the top layer of the image in black cardstock using SCAL and the Black Cat. Then made a shadow layer and cut it from red cardstock.

Below is a closeup of the diecut.

For the next set of cards, I cut the actual cards out using the BC. The kowhaiwhai pattern was cut out from the front of the card, then I used the die cuts from each card to inlay onto a contrasting card. The effect was quite nice. I added strips to the sides of the cards to add a little more interest.

Red, black and white are modern colours used in Maori art. Red and Black are also the colours of Canterbury, used by all the sports teams that represent our province.

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Jenni's Jems said...

Like the way that you interchanged the colours of each card,very effective x