Thursday, April 3, 2014

Part 4 of the Mini Album series

Part four of my mini album series is now available here and on You Tube.

There are still some parts of the process I need to record and I will post them as soon as I have done so.

The instructions are available on my Tutorials and Video page on this blog.

This video follows directly on from Part 3.


Third video on Mini Album

Finally I have finished the third video in the series on making the mini album.
There will be at least 2 more in this series because of the limited length I can make them!

This video is focussed on adding the layers to the basic pages.

The instructions for cutting the layers to the correct size follow.

These instructions cover only the basics of adding layers to each section of your album. The finishing touches are yours to imagine and implement! If you wish, you can add distress ink of appropriate tones to the top layers. It is suggested you do this before attaching to the pages!
I use glue to attach my layers as it allows for a bit of “wiggle time” to make sure the layer is in the right place before finally firming it down.
Page 1
Note: all pieces are 4 ¾” wide to fit onto a 5” wide page. The instructions given are for the length of each piece. It is suggested that you cut 12” by 12” paper into strips of 4 ¾” and cut the lengths according to the directions.
Cut: 1 piece @ 1 ¾”; 1 piece @ 2” and 1 piece @ 3⅜”
These will attach to the 3 panels on this page. Tuck the bottom of the two smaller pieces underneath the top of the panel just below the one you are attaching it to.
Page 2
All pieces are 4 ¾” wide to fit onto a 5” wide page.
Cut: 1 piece @ 2 ½”; 1 piece @ 4 ⅛”
These two attach to the 2 panels on this page.
Page 3
Cut the same pieces as for page 2 and attach.
Page 4
Cut 1 piece @ 6 ¾” and attach to the page before adding the smaller folder piece. Measure the folder piece for the size of the top layer and attach.

For all other pages and inserts, measure the size of the page or insert and reduce the size by ¼” on the width and ¼” on the length. This will allow a ⅛” margin all around the page.