Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been making this baby shawl for some time now and I finally got it finished.

It is for the new grandchild due in February! My son (the father-to-be) says it looks like a large doily!!!

The shawl measures almost 1 metre in diameter. and is made from 4 ply yarn crocheted with a 4.00 mm hook.


Zoechaos said...

What a family treasure this is, it is beautiful as for your son's comment there are some lovely doily's to be found he surely intended it as a compliment XOXO Zoe

Shairon said...

This is just gorgeous, Janet and as Zoe says will become a future family heirloom without a doubt. Bet the parents-to-be can't wait to wrap their precious little bundle in it.x