Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year and a new beginning

Well, 2010 is upon us and I have now finished working for a living - well for a while anyway! The Christmas break was just great - spent time at Waikawa Bay and read 4 books as well as making 50 wedding invitations and generally enjoying being with the family and sitting in the sun for a bit.

Before Christmas, a friend asked me to make some little boxes for her to hang on the tree with chocolates inside them. I used the Cricut Wedding cart to makes these little boxes. I made 12 in all, 3 of each colour - red, green, gold and cream. I added gold cord to tie them to the tree.

One of my challenges for this year is to get more use from my Cricut - I invested a lot of money in it and now need to make more use of it. I have found a website that sends free SVG designs regularly that can be used with the Cricut. You can also purchase others from them.

We also had some landscaping done before Christmas. An area outside the lounge was looking decidedly tatty and needed something doing to it. we found a landscaper who did a simple design for us and did the work. Really pleased with the results. The picture on the top right shows one view of the new area.

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Donna said...

I like the sitting area Dr. Babs, they did a good job!! I love my Cricut, but I could use it more myself!! I love those boxes, so are they made from your Cricut? If so what cartridge?