Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Design Team!

Today I am proud to post my first post for a new Design Team. The Printable Craft Shop has established a design team to showcase its wonderful crafting products, including some fabulous printable card sets and superb cutting files.

The first task for the design team was to take one or two cards from the  All About Shelf Cards Mega Bundle available here and to make them up to show how easy it is to put them together.

The first card I made was the Just Bee Cause card. Shelf cards are new to me and I found it interesting to put together - and very quick, once the cutting out is done.

The end result is a gorgeous multi-layered, 3D card.
The first task is to print the 5 relevant pages that have the parts required to make the card up.

It is recommended that you use a fairly heavy cardstock 250 - 300gsm for your cards so they will stand up well. My own printer will not take card this heavy and I used a lighter weight for printing onto. If you need to do this, I suggest that you glue your printed sheet onto another one the same weight to give you additional strength.

Cut out all of the layers, including the individual images for layering onto your card. This will take about 60 minutes or so, depending on how good you are at fussy cutting!

Instructions are included with the bundle explaining how the card fits together. I found these instructions particularly good. 

You can also print out the envelope included with the set and when this is put together, makes a nice box-type envelope for your card to fit into, ready to be given to the lucky recipient!

The All About Shelf Cards Mega Bundle is a new one to the Princtable Craft Shop and is sure to be a hit with those of you who enjoy making these printable cards. There are 15 different cards in the bundle, which makes it a very good value purchase.

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