Sunday, March 15, 2015

Making a textured background using a stencil

I went to a card making class recently to get some inspiration. One of the cards we made was one where we used a stencil and texture paste to make a textured background.

I was telling a friend about it and she asked for a tutorial so decided to make a short video showing how simple the technique is.

In the video, I used a gel medium to do the background but you can also use any sort of texture paste that will set to a firm pattern.

This card background is done with a gel medium on cream and black patterned paper. I also used frayed burlap distress ink to highlight the stencilled background.

The background on this card was done with home-made texture paste which was slightly coloured with a pinkish toned acrylic paint. Because this paste contains water, it does tend to cause the paper to curl when it dries, so it would be better to use a thicker card for the background.

I also did a bit of research on texture paste and found a recipe for making your own. A number of websites have similar recipes, but the one I used is as follows:

1/4 Cup baby powder
1 tbsp PVA glue
small amount of coloured acrylic paint (can use white or other colour)
Small amount of water.

Put the powder, PVA and paint into a small screw top jar and add the water in small amounts, stirring with a wooden stirrer as you add the water. It should be a thickish paste, fluid enough to be able to spread.

I used a commercially produced stencil for my examples but you could make your own stencils using die cuts or a cutting machine.

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