Sunday, December 15, 2013

Voyager Box and Ultimate Organiser

Recently, I finished a project I had been working on for a while. I found the design at for both the box and the Organiser and bought them to have a go! With the design you get the measurements for cutting and instructions for making them up. The designer, Kathy Orta Files, also has very good videos on YouTube showing each step in the process.

The photos show the finished box and the organiser that goes with it.

This is the organiser closed, showing the front cover and the closure, which is just a D-ring attached to a grosgrain ribbon using eyelets. The ring slips over a hitch post.

Inside the organiser, there are a number of fold out pieces that have pockets attached to the fronts, and have slide-in pockets on the sides. There are also envelope type pockets.

This picture shows the file top pockets/folders that are in the back of the organiser.

This is the back of the organiser with a pocket for the diary (below). The ribbon is attached to the back with a metal flower from Prima (one of the left-overs from the class I did with Finnabair earlier this year).

Really enjoyed making this project and hope to make some more of Kathy's projects soon.

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Shairon said...

Gorgeous makes, Janet. I subscribe to Kathy Orta YouTube channel too so will check it out. You lucky thing doing a class with Finnabair! Was that when you were over here? Merry Christmas to you and your family. xx

Barbara McLachlan said...

Great project and beautifully made as usual. Well done.

Barbara McLachlan said...

Well done. Love the project looks wonderful as usual.