Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Lovely Day at Wantage

Well, today arrived finally - I have been looking forward to it for months. I met up with Zoe, Sue and Lucy at the Stamp Attic in Wantage and we spent a few hours playing with Sue's Copics and distress inks. It was soo good to get ink on my fingers again...

Wendy at the Stamp Attic was very kind and we were able to use her classroom for the afternoon. Sue had organised some card and stamped the card for us to colour with the Copics. I love them! Sue's cards are shown on the table in front of us.

In the photo - (L to R) Zoe, Lucy, Me and Sue.

Great day girls- thank you so much for giving up your day to meet up. I really enjoyed it - the best part was meeting you all and finally putting faces to names.


Shairon said...

Hey Janet, lovely photo! Now I can picture Zoe at last which is great. Looks like you had a real fun day! Enjoy the rest of your hols.xx

Zoechaos said...

Janet it was a much anticipated pleasure thank you so so much for the goodies and your card which will be treasured. Wonderful day and a store of memories at least until next time. (((Hugs))) xxx

sam21ski said...

Lovely photo Janet, looks like you all had a fab time

Also I too would like to thank you for the photo of Zoe, she has gotten away with it for far too long - lol

Seriously, brill photo and great to put a face to a name xxxxx

Burnice said...

Well you look like you all had a great time. Copics are great aren't they Janet.
Ooh and hello Zoe!!
Burnice xx

sue law said...

Hi Janet,
It was great to meet you yesterday. Thanks for the goodie racking my brain about what I'm going to use the paula shell napkin seems too lovely to cut into!

Enjoy your cruise and the rest of your holiday and have a safe journey home!

Zoechaos said...

Hello again Janet, have just left a little something for you on my blog please do not feel you have to join in its entirely up to you LOL xx Zoe