Monday, December 29, 2014

Foto Folios 2

Recently, Kathy Files ( Paper Phenomenon) and Kathryn Krieger (Kathryn Scraps) had a special deal for design and making instructions for two sets of folios. I was most impressed with the styles they have produced for these folios and have made several since I bought the design instructions.

The folio in this post is one I made for a family member as a Christmas gift. It is the Recipe folio from Kathy Files.

It has an easel stand for putting recipe cards into so you can see the recipe easily. The pockets contain little folders with recipe cards for writing down favourite recipes.

Originally, I included four sets of fold out pockets, but the folio would not close well with all the folders and cards in the pockets, so I removed two of the pocket sets. There are still 20 pockets with folders and cards in the folio.

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GiraffeSpotsMom said...

I can't seem to find a link for the folio itself. Is it a purchased item that has been personalized or is it created like the rest of the project?

Janet Baldwin said...

GiraffeSpotsMom The folio was created using the design from Kathy Files set Foto Folios 2 which is available here: